I am Interested In Your G Scale Railroad.

While we build our rolling stock, buildings and other items needed for a permanent layout, Kingman Canyon Railroad is currently located at a private home. Visits are limited to invitations sent out for specific times or by special arrangements. Drop in's are not welcome.

About Our Permanent Layout

The fictional history of the displays planned for our permanent location have two distinct areas.

The first is a time-line of railroading depicted by segments.

Industrial revolution 1810 - 1850

Settlement of the West 1850 - 1890

Civil War and Reconstruction 1861 -1877

1900 to 1930

World War II 1939 -1945

The 50's

2000 forward

The second distinct area will be a depiction of historic Route 66 starting at Chicago and ending in Santa Monica.

People interested in building displays are needed and professional artists are encouraged to join us. Your artistic expertise can make the backgrounds come alive by painting the scenery and constructing many of the landscape details. Carpentry skills, electrical experienced, landscaping professionals and masonry knowledge is needed.

Kingman Canyon Railroad volunteers operate and maintain the G-scale model trains and exhibit. Your volunteering gives you hands-on experience with G-Scale trains.

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I own G scale engines and cars
I have my own G scale layout
I have experience in electrical wiring of train layouts
I have carpentry skills
I enjoy assembling scale building kits
I am experience in the design and construction of model train scenery
I would like to help build the outdoor track
I enjoy landscaping
I enjoy train photography
I have an interest in modern and vintage railroad uniform collection and preservation
I would like to be a Volunteer Category Curator
  I am interested in
I have an interest in railroad memorabilia
I have experience in social media
I would like to be a digital editor
I have experience in website design
I have experience in online shopping carts
I have experience in sales and marketing
I have an interest in fund-raising
I would like to be a Volunteer Grant Writer
I have an interest in doing donation solicitation
I currently work on a railroad
I retired from a railroad
I own stock in a railroad



Kingman Canyon Railroad is looking to share fun times in G scale. If you play well with others, leave your politics at home, don't push your religious views, and don't smoke, we welcome your inquiry.

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