Our interest is G Scale model railroading, commonly called garden railroads. Our G scale layout gets it's name from the Kingman Canyon in Kingman, Arizona as shown above. The Burlington Northern Santa Fe freight main line runs through Kingman. Amtrak passenger service also stops in Kingman.

We are developing a combination of themes for our layout. The fictional history of the displays planned for our permanent location has two distinct areas.

The first is a time-line of railroading depicted by segments, including the industrial revolution 1810 -1850, settlement of the west 1850 -1890, the Civil War and Reconstruction 1861 - 1877, freight and passenger service 1900 to 1930, World War II 1939 - 1945, the 1950 - 2000, 2000 forward.

The second distinct area will be a depiction of historic Route 66 starting at Chicago and ending in Santa Monica. Since Kingman is located on Historic Route 66, a major part of the theme of our layout will be Route 66 with a 1950's flavor.

Our layout is a "fun" layout as opposed to a ultra perfect scale and function. The eventual goal is to provide a fun tourist experience in Kingman that appeals to all age levels. Part of our plan is to have a layout where people can run their own engines and cars as well as have access to ours.

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While your here, you will want to see the transformer car shown above. More pictures of it are online at The LGB Model No 4058 a donation by Tim Gurnsey.

The photo at the top of this page is from the east end of Kingman Canyon at Kingman, Arizona. Hualapai Mountain Road crosses over the tracks at this point. The canyon extends for about 15 miles through downtown Kingman and then on toward the southwest.

There are many great photographic points along the way for those who enjoy photographing trains. Did you know Kingman has a rich history with the railroad? There is lots to do and see in Kingman and once you visit you most likely can imagine living here. Check out AllAboutKingman.com

The Kingman Canyon Railroad was conceived by Lary Stover in 2015 as a tourist attraction for Kingman. Lary is a website designer who has created many websites for clients as well as promotional websites for Kingman, Mohave County, Arizona and the USA. Among his websites are over 45 websites about Kingman and 18 websites about Route 66. There are also Arizona, Nevada and national websites for you to enjoy. See them all at InternetMarketingServices.info.

Lary suggested the concept of Kingman Canyon Railroad to Tim Gurnsey who quickly came on-board as layout designer, construction superintendent and technical advisor. Tim has years of experience as a general contractor and electrical contractor. Henry Varga has now come on-board with the special talents of a CPA who has many years of non-profit accounting. Henry will serve as our CFO. All of us have enjoyed model trains since childhood.

In September of 2018 the Ramada Inn here in Kingman gave us permission to install a G scale layout at the front of their property which has great visibility from Andy Devine Avenue, otherwise known as Historic Route 66. This is an easy to find location where Interstate 40 crosses Historic Route 66.

We have more than 250 feet of outdoor track planned with several different loops of varying length of track in our temporary layout. Special consideration will be given to installing track with 16' radius to permit the running of a big boy locomotive.
Building train layouts in the garden with natural vegetation and running large scale trains is a hobby that is enjoyed by people of all ages.

We welcome guests and volunteers of all ages by appointment who may be interested in building the layout or just wish to socialize and share the experience of watching trains. No experience or particular skill is necessary.

We need a clock for our railroad. A Santa Fe clock as pictured would be great! Do you have one to donate?

The "Depot" will have room for an inside freight yard and storage as well as a wall display area. This will permit us to have a large group of cars and engines stored safely. There will also be a selection of cars and engines for sale.

Model trains continue to amuse both the young and old with their authentic sights and sounds of the mid-19th century industrial revolution era, to long-distant passenger travel of early 20th century America. For more than a century, and it hasn’t seemed to have lost its appeal among enthusiasts and collectors.

One of the more enjoyable aspects of the hobby is the ability to share our experiences and talents with others who have similar interests.  We encourage you to come when invitations have been sent out, and plan on having fun and meeting new friends.

Whether novices or old-timers we tend to enjoy being model railroaders. Maybe it's because, at the end of the day we have once again connected with the delight and enjoyment of a hobby for men and women that often started in childhood, but can last a lifetime.

Kingman Canyon Railroad is looking to share fun times in G scale. If you play well with others, leave your politics at home, don't push your religious views, don't smoke, and would like to find out more about volunteering and playing with fun G scale model trains, fill out this form.

Donations of money, and all scales of trains, track, scenery, and buildings are appreciated. All railroad items are accepted, real and model. We plan to keep the trains and items as part of the museum's collection, so you can claim the fair market value (what they would be worth to a buyer on the open market).  

If you can't determine this yourself you may need an appraiser, and if the value is more than $5,000.00, you are required to have an appraiser's signature on one of your tax forms. What we cannot use we will trade for needed track, equipment and scenery or combine a group of items for an auction.
Our first sponsor of a container was Prince Pools of Kingman, Arizona in December of 2017. They were excited about our project and what it can mean to Kingman. When you have a chance, visit their website at PrincePools.com. They build in-ground pools and have above ground pools too. They also have a wide selection of spas.

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Kingman Canyon Railroad is a 501(c)(3) Organization.
Most donations are tax deductible. Consult your tax professional.

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Kingman Canyon Railroad is a 501(c)(3) Organization.
Most donations are tax deductible. Consult your tax professional.